BESM LTD is a new company specialized in business consulting, marketing consulting coaching and training. Company target market is outside European Union. We found a high request from people outside European Union that want to invest, to open a new business, to find new clients inside of European Union, but they don’t know to deal with them, they have lack of understanding of the EU legislation generally and country legislation individually. So here BESM LTD comes by providing business consulting services, marketing consulting services, coaching and trainings.

Company headquarter is in UK. BESM LTD is a privately-held company and does not publish its financial data.

BESM provides flexible and innovative investment opportunities (starting from companies’ founding, Business consulting, creating partnerships, writing Agency contracts, arranging conferences, training workshops, and preparing companies’ profiles) for companies or/and individuals from outside of European Union that are willing to invest in EU market. The company collaborates with many local companies from Middle East and Turkey. We also represent more than 10 individuals that start to invest in EU. We deal with simple request like to elaborate a data base with companies names and contact information from a x field to business consulting pack: To elaborate the Business Presentation Pack; business development strategies, implementing the business development strategies, train the employees according to the new strategies, implement and manage the marketing campaign.

For BESM there isn’t a too small job. All requests are treated at the same high level of quality. And if we don’t know something we will gain that knowledge in order you the client to be satisfied.





Our services

Business consulting

Our management consulting services are designed to target crucial needs of businesses: ideas, strategy, recruitment, and marketing, and legislation. We have teams of experts in many European countries such as UK, Estonia, Lithuania and Ireland. Our abilities to perform deep functional visibility studies are often deeply appreciated by our clients. Furthermore, our wide range of services includes: Market analysis, database elaboration, business development strategies, rapport writing, report designing and employees’ training in areas such diversity management, workplace spirituality, uncertainty management and corporate social responsibility.

Marketing consulting

BESM LTD offers you a network of extended marketing services. Our specialist will ensure that your business key-clients will become your forever customers. We believe in innovation and entrepreneurship of the products/services. Accordingly, depending on BESM will promote the culture of continuous learning within your enterprise. BESM’s marketing consulting services include : market assessment, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning and marketing plan development.

Coaching and Training

Together with our partners in Middle East, BESM has started to utilize their available training centers to offer traits in developing human resources such as Executive Coaching, Assessment-Driven Coaching, and Coaching-to-Support-Learning. We believe in the philosophy of continuous learning and we are able to handle/ design a package of training sessions tailored to meet the needs of every single company deals with us. We offer both in- and- out site learning and in some cases, online learning becomes a dependable paradigm we manage.



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